San Francisco Animal Care & Control evaluates the behavior of each animal that is made available for adoption and shares this information with potential adopters. ACC staff members are always ready to answer your questions and help you find the best companion.

Caring for a companion animal goes far beyond providing food, water and shelter. It takes research and careful planning to bring the right pet into your home, and to make sure your lifestyle is the right one for your pet. Answering the following questions will get you started.

Why do I want to adopt a pet?
Do I have time for a pet?
Can I afford a pet?
Am I able to have a pet where I currently live and am I planning to move?
Is my living space adequate for an animal companion?
Am I ready to make a long-term commitment?
What is the right pet for me?
Am I willing to train an animal companion?
Is your family/household ready for a pet?
How much time do I spend at home on an average day?
Will this pet be a companion to another pet?
Do I want a pet that will participate with me in outdoor activities?
Do I want a “lap-pet” that will be physically affectionate and cuddly?
How large is “too large” for my lifestyle?
Does the whole family/household want a pet?

Special thanks to ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States.


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