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The mission of Animal Care and Adoption Network (ACAN) is to help animal rescues, especially those that take in rats, with a focus on adopting special needs shelter rats that would otherwise be euthanized and, as room permits, they adopt rats from other rescue organizations that have been deemed unadoptable.  ACAN also provides surgeries and medications, and helps with transports and outreach.

California Chins
The California Chinchilla Association was founded by Betti Cogswell, Lani Ritchey, and Roxane Beeman, in the early 1990s, CA Chins is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of chinchillas and to educating people about owning chinchillas as pets. California Chins runs a rescue group that helps care for orphan chinchillas and find them happy, loving, homes.

Copper’s Dream
The mission of Copper’s Dream is to help end the euthanasia of adoptable dogs in the U.S. through increasing public awareness, taking legal action benefiting shelter animals, and by rescuing dogs scheduled for euthanasia and placing them in permanent and loving homes. They are a San Francisco Bay Area rescue organization that saves all dog breeds from shelters throughout California.

German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California
GSRNC regularly rescues and adopts out dogs from shelters in Alameda, Contra Costa, Monterey, Sacramento, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Yolo Counties, and occasionally other counties in CA and NV. The GSRNC Thulani Program rescues terminally ill or extremely old German shepherd dogs from all of California and Nevada.

Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
Founded in 2003 by Lana Bajsel, Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue works within the San Francisco community to rescue abandoned and unwanted adult and senior cats. GMS provide behavioral and medical intervention, unconditional love and a safe haven through foster homes, while seeking new forever homes for these cats.

Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
Their mission is to rescue German Shepherd Dogs in life-threatening situations and to educate the public about this highly intelligent and versatile breed. They provide healthcare and foster dogs while seeking new homes for them. Most of the dogs they rescue come from the Northern and Central Valley regions of California.

Grateful Dogs Rescue 
GDR is the oldest all-breed rescue group in San Francisco. For more than two decades the mission of Grateful Dogs has been to save the lives of dogs at San Francisco Animal Care and Control that are at risk of euthanasia. GDR places them in experienced foster homes, and provide veterinary care and training as needed until loving adopters can be found.

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
Mickaboo is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 that is dedicated to rescuing companion birds (parrot-type and other commonly domesticated birds) who have been neglected, abused, injured or surrendered to them. Their goals are to ensure that birds in our care will have a safe, loving environment for life. They also educate bird owners on the most current standard of care, so that the medical, emotional, and dietary needs of their birds will be met. Mickaboo volunteers and foster birds live mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Valley.

Muttville is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of senior dogs. On a local level (SF bay area), Muttville rescues senior dogs and finds them new homes or gives them hospice. On a global level, Muttville provides information about caring for older dogs and support for people who do.

Northern California Family Dog Rescue 
Started in 2010, NCFDR is dedicated to the rescue, care, and socialization of family-friendly dogs and ultimately finding them a forever home. Their special mission is to select dogs that do well with kids and adults, and to encourage families with children to adopt rather than buy from a breeder. In January 2014, Loup Garou Animal Rescue merged with NorCal Family Dog and continues to carry out its mission under the auspices of NCFDR. Loup Garou Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of black and dark coated companion animals from shelters where they are disproportionately euthanized for their color.

Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Rescue
Palomacy (a project of Community Initiatives), formerly “MickaCoo” is a network of volunteers working together to save the lives of domestic, unreleasable pigeons and doves that would otherwise be killed in shelters for lack of adopters. Volunteers respond to calls from shelters, vets, and good Samaritans to provide avian vet care for ill or injured birds, long-term foster care, and to develop adopters and place them into qualified forever homes. Palomacy foster volunteers care for approximately 100 birds at any given time.

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
Based in Coyote Point, San Mateo, with an adoption facility in Burlingame, PHS cares for the community’s sick, injured, abused, unwanted, stray, neglected and older animals. An important ACC partner (with WildCare and SF ROMP) in rehabilitating local wildlife, PHS also provides low-cost spay/neuter free for low or fixed-income residents, educates children, and investigates animal cruelty in San Mateo County.

Persian Himalayan Rescue
Founded in 1990, PHR is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that rescues unwanted and abused Persian cats from shelters, fosters, and rehomes them. They place over 100 cats every year.

Project Coyote
Project Coyote, a North American coalition of wildlife scientists, educators, predator- friendly ranchers and community leaders, promotes compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife. As a national non-profit organization based in Northern California, Project Coyote works to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other native carnivores by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation. All of our work—through education, science, and advocacy — strives to create fundamental and systemic changes in the ways wild carnivores are viewed and treated in North America.

Rattie Ratz
This group is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of domestic pet rats in Northern California. Rattie Ratz promotes domestic pet rats as valuable companions, educate about the proper care and maintenance of domestic pet rats, and promote adoption of needy animals over the purchase of mass-produced pet store animals. Rattie Ratz volunteers foster rats from private intake and shelters and equip all their adopters with the necessary tools to care for them.

Reptile & Amphibian Rescue (website free)
Bay Area biologist and animal expert Paul Haskins is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of exotic pet reptiles and amphibians. Through educational shows and helping individuals with their reptile pals, his work with SFACC and beyond reduces the number of neglected, ill, and deceased pets, and reptiles released into the wild in San Francisco and other California regions. Contact Haskins through SFACC or call (831) 535-2437.

Rocket Dog Rescue 
RDR is a San Francisco Bay Area organization that rescues dogs at over-crowded shelters and finds them loving, happy homes through their dedicated volunteer network and adoption fairs. RDR places non-aggressive dogs into temporary foster homes where they are socialized, and treated for any medical or behavioral conditions which would otherwise limit their adoptability.

San Francisco Rescued Orphan Mammal Program (SFROMP) provides care to San Francisco’s injured and orphaned wild mammals with the goal of returning a healthy individual back to the wild for independence. SFROMP is a community supported volunteer organization, licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Providing an alternative to the pest control companies that prefer trapping and less humane methods, SFROMP will provide you with sound biological information as well as recommendations on how to exclude animals from areas where they are causing a problem, or deter the undesirable behavior.

San Francisco SPCA
As the fourth oldest humane society in the U.S. and the founders of the No-Kill movement, the SF SPCA has always been at the forefront of animal welfare. As a result of our efforts and those of our community partners, San Francisco has the lowest euthanasia rate of any major city in the United States. As a partner of ACC, the SFSPCA takes some dogs and cats from ACC into their adoption center.

San Francisco Police Department
SFPD officers are often the first responders for incidents involving menacing or aggressive animals. The Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit (VDDU) investigates such incidents and encourages the public to immediately notify police whenever a dog bites, so that the police may secure the scene, render aid, and document the incident in a police report. These reports are forwarded to the VDDU who then evaluates each incident to determine the best means to ensure public safety.

Save A Bunny
Save A Bunny is a nonprofit rabbit rescue organization based in Northern California. They believe that all companion rabbits are worthy of a safe, loving home regardless of breed purity, pedigree, or temperament. The rescue group serves both the people and animals in the community through adoption, advocacy, education, outreach and rescue options. Save A Bunny works with over 30 shelters to make sure abandoned, abused and neglected rabbits get the second chance they deserve.

Toni’s Kitty Rescue
TKR is a 501(c)3 rescue organization and active, dedicated communities of volunteers who provide foster care for sick, orphaned kittens that are too young to be considered adoptable. TKR works hand-in-hand with San Francisco Animal Care and Control to create and deliver life giving resources to homeless cats and kittens. Fostering kittens is a great way for kids too young to volunteer at the shelter to learn about animal welfare and earn community service credit.

Keeping pets of the homeless healthy sustains the physical and mental well-being of their human owners. Using a specially outfitted van, VET SOS provides outreach and veterinary services in selected areas of San Francisco that are inhabited by homeless individuals with companion animals. The van carries veterinary vaccinations, medications, medical charts, animal food, leashes, collars, halters, and other necessary supplies that are dispensed on site by a volunteer staff that includes one or more veterinarians, one or more vet techs, and an animal assistant. When possible, an animal behaviorist joins this team. By combining the efforts of animal health-care providers and human health-care providers to reach out to this often-wary population, VET SOS builds trust, enabling further outreach and education.

Located near downtown San Rafael, WildCare operates a wildlife rehabilitation hospital that accepts any injured animal (wildlife). They also provide numerous resources to the local and larger community. With programs in animal aid, advocacy and education, WildCare is the voice for wildlife throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Wonder Cat Rescue
Wonder Cat Rescue is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization devoted to rescuing needy kittens and cats from shelter euthanasia and abandonment. They are a team of caring foster homes and volunteers who provide rescued cats with all necessary medical attention while caring for them in foster homes, where they’re given abundant love and affection until they can be placed in permanent homes.

Wonder Dog Rescue
Wonder Dog Rescue is a dedicated volunteer group, serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and rescuing dogs from all over Northern and Central California. WDR has saved blind and deaf dogs, puppies as young as two weeks and seniors as old as 15. They offer hospice to special needs and elderly dogs, caring for them until the end of their lives.