ADOPTION – Effective December 1, 2017

Fees may include one or more of the following: A 1-year dog license or lifetime cat registration, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, vaccinations, vet exam. Fees may vary depending upon market value or surgery costs.

Adoption Fees by Species Fee
Cats – Adult $138.00
Cats – Kittens under 6 months $166.00
Dogs – Adult $198.00
Dogs – Puppies under 6 months $247.00
Hamsters $10.00
Guinea Pigs $20.00
Mice $10.00
Rats $15.00
Rabbits – Female $70.00
Rabbits – Male $60.00
Reptiles Varies
Birds (parakeets, canaries, finches) Varies
Other Birds Varies
Other Animals Varies

LICENSE – Effective 8/1/2016

Dog License Fee by Dog, Owner Status 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Altered Dog $23.00 $35.00 $46.00
Altered Dog, Senior Citizen Owner $13.00 $20.00 $25.00
Unaltered Dog $58.00 $110.00 $163.00
Unaltered Dog, Senior Citizen Owner $32.00 $62.00 $92.00
Replacement Dog License Tag $7.00
Cat Registration* Lifetime
Late Charge $29.00

* Lifetime Registration includes a tag. Cats are not required to be licensed but they are easier to identify if lost.

MISCELLANEOUS – Effective 8/1/2016

Miscellaneous Fees by Specific Service Fee
Daily Care – Dog, Cat, Other Animals $29.00
Daily Care – Small Animals Only $12.00
Dead Animal Disposal $23.00
Duplicate or Replacement License Tag $7.00
Euthanasia Request $29.00
Late Charge – License Renewal $29.00
Owner Surrenders Animal – At Shelter $29.00
Owner Surrenders Animal – Field Transport Required $46.00

REDEMPTION – Effective 8/1/2016

Redemption Fees by Animal Type – Status Fee
Cat $35.00
Dog – Altered $35.00
Dog/Cat – Unaltered $35.00-$105.00
Other Animals $35.00
Vaccinations (given at impound) $11.00
Daily care fee for dogs/cats $29.00/day
Daily care fee for small animals $12.00/day

Additional information about redemption fees:

  • Redemption fees are progressive for all animals: $35 for the first impound, $70 second impound, $105 for third impound.
  • An additional state fine is due for unaltered animals as follows: $35 for the first impound, $50 second impound, $100 third impound.
  • If the owner of an impounded dog is a San Francisco resident, they must purchase a San Francisco dog license if the dog is not currently licensed, in order to redeem it.
  • Fees for any veterinary services that are provided to an animal while in our care may be incurred.
  • When an animal is redeemed the owner can also purchase a microchip (for a reduced rate of $11) or request that their animal be spayed or neutered.

If ACC determines that payment of fees by the owner/guardian would cause significant financial difficulty, the fees may be waived by the Director or designee, at their discretion. Effective 8/2016.