People sometimes have to give up their animals. San Francisco Animal Care & Control encourages you to consider alternatives such as: temporary foster, rehoming with other family members or friends, or consulting an animal behaviorist for behavior issues.

If you have exhausted every option for keeping or rehoming your pet, you can surrender it at San Francisco Animal Care & Control. We evaluate each animal and take into consideration their age, temperament, behavior, and health to determine whether it can be made available for adoption. San Francisco Animal Care & Control makes every effort to place animals through its adoption program, its rescue group partners, or the SF SPCA. There is no guarantee that the efforts will be successful, and animals with severe health and/or behavior issues could be humanely euthanized.

How to surrender an animal to ACC:

  1. Bring your pet to the lobby (please keep dogs on leashes, and cats and other species in carriers or cages).
  2. Provide your name, contact information, and a valid government-issued photo ID to a Shelter Service Representative.
  3. Provide your pet’s previous veterinary and vaccination records, if possible.
  4. Fill out a personality profile for the animal you are surrendering. This information helps us with finding placement.
  5. Pay a surrender fee. ACC cares for all stray and many surrendered pets in San Francisco. This fee helps us in our mission of assuring compassionate and humane treatment of all animals in our community (an additional donation is greatly appreciated).  If you are unable to provide the entire fee, ACC staff will work with you on options.

If you have questions about surrendering your pet, or need assistance in transporting it, please contact Animal Care & Control at (415) 554-6364 or visit the shelter. ACC is open every day from 11:00 am-6:00 pm (7:00 pm on Wednesdays).

Thinking of surrendering your dog or cat? The San Francisco SPCA may have resources to help you keep your pet. Call (415) 554-3000 for more information.

The SF SPCA can explain your options–openly, honestly, and without judgement. They want to help. You may be eligible for:

  • Discounted or free spay/neuter
  • Discounted or free behavior classes or advice
  • Discounted veterinary care
  • Fee-waived surrender at SF SPCA

Know all of your options before surrendering your dog or cat.