Special Medical Adoption

Sometimes an animal that’s available for adoption may need extra care because they came into the shelter with an injury or a medical condition that wasn’t being treated. We give the best possible medical care to all of our animals and also want them to find new homes as quickly as possible, so some of our adoptable animals may still be receiving medication. Others may be diagnosed with conditions that they were born with. These animals are designated as “special adoptions.”

Animals, like people, can have chronic conditions that are not life threatening, like heart murmurs, or skin allergies that must be monitored. Each case is different and San Francisco Animal Care & Control provides as much information about the condition as possible so that potential adopters are aware of the animal’s special needs.

Special Behavior Adoption

At ACC we try to ensure that every animal gets the chance they deserve. When an animal comes to us with a behavioral concern that can be addressed in the right household, our Behavior & Training staff identifies certain requirements—small dog experience, adults only household, etc.—that adopters should meet in order to help the animal be at their very best. We will also facilitate a behavior consultation with one of our training staff prior to adoption so their new home is set up for success!