Foster Care Program

At any given time, there are many animals that cannot be put up for adoption. Often the pets need to go into a foster home for only a short time, and then can go back to the shelter and be adopted into a loving forever home.

Foster pet situations that come up frequently include the following:

  • Animals that have upper-respiratory infections
  • Pregnant dogs or cats, or mothers with newborns
  • Kittens and puppies that are too young to be made available for adoption
  • Shy dogs who just need a break from the stress of the shelter

We like to place these pets in foster care because they generally recover faster and better in a home environment. The length of time required in foster care is usually short, anywhere from a week to two months. Fostering is a great way for families to help the animal shelter. And kids can get community service credit for school! The age limit for volunteers working at ACC is 18, but children of all ages can earn credit by fostering kittens with their parent(s) or legal guardian at home.

SFACC will supply food, medicine, and veterinary care for the animal you foster. We can usually supply you with items like crates, toys, etc.

 In certain situations, SFACC will provide additional behavior training and consulting services. When the foster pets have recovered and are ready to be made available for adoption, the foster parent (you) brings the animal back to SFACC.

To become a foster parent, you must first complete volunteer training. Additionally, we may require a home check.

For more information about fostering dogs, contact

Thanks to ACC’s special relationship with Toni’s Kitty Rescue, many of our underage kittens and nursing moms go immediately to trained foster homes, where they receive the love, attention, and accommodations that newborns require. When they are finally ready to find their forever home, these cats come back to ACC for adopters to meet them. If you are interested in becoming a Kitten Foster Parent, please contact TKR directly at




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