Adopt an animal in need. Visit our Adoption Center at the shelter or the SFACC Cat Adoption Center at Pet Food Express (1975 Market St. in S.F.). Or adopt from one of the many animal rescue organizations in the Bay Area. If you are looking for a specific type of pet, don’t buy it from a breeder! Many breed-specific rescue organizations exist that might have the one you’re looking for: check


Enrich your life and the lives of our animals. We have many volunteer opportunities available.

Practice Responsible Pet Guardianship

Spay/Neuter and microchip your pet. With your example, we can prevent the suffering of unwanted animals by spaying and neutering your pet. A microchip is the surest way to reunite a family with a lost pet. If your pet is not microchipped click here for upcoming microchip clinic dates.

Report Animals in Distress

If you see any animal, including injured wildlife in distress, call ACC’s Field Services Dispatch at (415) 554-9400. You can also report cruelty or neglect here. Our Animal Care Officer team responds to hundreds of reports of cruelty and neglect each year. Reports are anonymous and make a huge difference in the lives of animals.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

The best way to help pets in a disaster is to prepare yourself in advance. Consider signing up for a NERT course (Neighborhood Emergency Response Training) conducted by the San Francisco Fire Department. Click to learn how to prepare your pets for in the event of an emergency.


Become an advocate for Animal Care & Control. Educate your friends and family about issues related to animals, like the importance of spay/neuter, and adopting animals, not buying them. Share our website and Facebook page. Invite friends to visit our shelter, adopt, volunteer, and fundraise for enrichment programs. Create Shelter Me pet profiles for our adoptable animals.


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